Monday 19 August 2019


We’ve had a busy day and it’s been absolutely lovely . We decided we were going to head into Rhyl today and spend the afternoon there in the arcades after our Arts & Crafts morning at the club.

If you didn’t know , then we are in holiday in Wales for the week and having a blinking good time too!. The pub club thingy we have here are holding things on during the summer holidays for the kiddies and today they had a crafts morning so we thought we would take the girls and spend the morning there.

We made a ton of stuff - lanterns , peg fairies , pirate masks. It was lovely , although Nila fell asleep half way through . The joys of something happening around nap time !

We transferred her into the car seat- woohoo! and headed into Rhyl for Some lunch before hitting the amusements. KFC for lunch! Yum!, we haven’t had one in a while and it was delish!

We walked along the front of the arcades and worked our way back down to the car . Nila was in her glory as I think she is at that age where they understand and enjoy it all a little more .

We took turns to ‘watch her’, I say watch, by that I mean run after her , which I can safely say I am absolutely shattered tonight!.

She is good with holding your hand and listening for the most part , but I think when peppa pig rides and flashing lights are involved , the poor kid caves in :)

She enjoyed the rides and winning some bits on the 2p machines , that she did all by herself !

The older two had a game of bowling and tried their luck at winning the jackpot on the snakes and ladders game - although we all suck and none of us won!

We did end the day with some warm , sugary donuts. They were so good and definitely worth the wait .In bed now as I definitely need my beauty sleep :)

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