Saturday 17 August 2019


All three of the girls have loved bath time. From newborn they have all been water babies and honestly it can be a struggle sometimes getting them out ! :)

When it comes to bath time and the products we use , I try and make sure we get the most gentlest brands as all three of the girls suffer with eczema , and as they’ve got older it doesn’t get any easier when it comes to finding products that are suitable so we stick to what we know.

Eczema reactions can be brought on by products not used on the skin for example shampoo- which a lot of people don’t seem to realise . Obviously the shampoo is being rinsed off and therefore your little ones are sitting in that water.

It’s a thing to look pass and we didn’t realise this might be a cause until I had a little look on google- google can be a godsend sometimes can’t it :)

Anyway Johnston’s have been a brand we’ve used in our house for over 16 years now , and still use with little Nila who is now 2 and we have had no flare ups at all.

Johnson’s choose high quality ingredients for their products and have actually rejected over 400 ingredients that don’t meet their Best for baby standards :).

We were kindly sent a set of the no more tangles hair range, and a gorgeous bubble bath for good measures,  and it is a big thumbs up for us. It smells absolutely divine for starters - I am a sucker for a nice smell!. They are paraben, sulphate and dye free and also proven to unlock 75% more knots and tangles.

We put that theory to the test as Alessia’s hair is an absolute nightmare after the bath. We have tears and tantrums galore. The shampoo was really gentle on the scalp and the conditioner left her hair feeling really soft.

No tears! :)

We also used the detangling spray which has been a new step after hair washing as this helps keep the hair knot free for the morning . I have even used it in my hair and it really is a lovely treat .

Happy girls all round and an even happier mama!

-We were sent these products in exchange for an honest review

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