Wednesday 21 August 2019


When it comes to being in the kitchen , I think everyone knows I love to bake . The girls and Scott are always looking around for something to eat - rocky road , homemade Banana bread, you name it , we have made it .

I have  always loved baking and there is nothing better than coming home from the school run to fresh baked cookies or cupcakes with a nice cup of tea before the mayhem of the evening commences :)

The children also love to get involved on the weekends and I think it’s a great activity to do with them and gets them learning at the same time .

One thing I’ll admit to ,and hold my hands up and say I do , and I am sure a lot of you will agree too! , is not your oven temperature is correct for the type of cake tin or loaf tin you are actually using.Am I right?.

We find a nice Victorian sponge recipe , in the oven it goes  , case mark 5 or 180c for 40 minutes and it’s done. What it hasn’t told us is what size tin they have used.

There has been so many times when I have checked on a cake and thought what is going on , or tried to turn up the heat to get it to cook quicker :)

Trago have found  this really cool guide when it comes to getting your bake on in the kitchen.

No more soggy middles or un even layered birthday cakes. They have all kinds of cake tin and loaf measurements and cooking time required here .

Trago also sell all your baking essentials too!. So if you are on the look out for some new cake tins or perhaps want to have a go and piping - one of my favourite things to do! - then head on over as they literally sell everything you need to make the perfect cake and more .

I’d love to hear if you have used these guide lines and let me know how scrumptious your cake turned out too! :)

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