Friday 23 August 2019


One place the girls and I absolutely love is the beach. Doesn’t matter where or how sandy it is , just being by the sea is one of our happy places .

I love the smell of the sea . You can always tell if a beach is near by as it has that sea air smell doesn’t it ..

I didn’t actually realise the beach was only a 20 minute walk from where we are staying on holiday in Wales. Mezz isn’t keen on the beach so the kiddies and I packed a blanket and some towels and headed down there .

The sun has been absolutely glorious all day and it was definitely the perfect beach day. We got there and it was completely empty- bonus!.

The first thing we noticed was how many shells there were . I haven’t seen shells on a beach since I was probably about 11 , so over 20 years now , and they were so pretty. The girls started collecting them to decorate our sandcastles .

We set up our blanket and just enjoyed the rays , the sand in between our toes and Nila was in awe of it all.  She put the shell up to her ear to see if she could hear the sea - thanks to a peppa pig episode she has seen :) it was so adorable.

We made plenty of castles and headed to the water where the younger two went wild - jumping up and down and splashing in the water . They loved it!.

We even found a crab shell , which was pretty cool!. Nila was a little scared as she is a bit jumpy at the minute with everything and anything , I think they all go through that don’t they :)

It has been the perfect morning . We spent 3 hours at the beach and headed back to the caravan for some well needed bacon sandwiches .

Nila fell asleep in the sling on the way back , she was knackered. I love that she still loves the sling .

It’s been a really lovely day X

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