Sunday 25 August 2019


I am sure I am not the only one that thinks these summer holidays have gone way to fast!, to fast for my liking!. The new school year is just around the corner and I’ve been getting my prep on to make life a little easier.

Firstly oxy is like part of the furniture in our home- I have been using it for years and would never be without it actually. New school year doesn’t necessarily mean all new clothes , and with a bit of oxy, your uniforms can come up as good as new :)

I feel like a new toothbrush is definitely a new school term thing am I right?.  According to the simplyhealth consumer oral health surgery, one in ten children have had to miss days off school for tooth decay problems , which is no fun at all!

Get your kiddies a brightly colour toothbrush and get them brushing their peggies every morning and night :)

Pen, pencils , rulers , maths set - you name it , the girls need it . There is nothing worse than packing a pencil case and finding your missing something. Maped Helix have a fantastic range of stationary , perfect for back to school and so much to choose from!

Get tagging everything your schooler owns. Alessia is forever ‘losing’ her stuff at school. Cardigans, water bottles - the list is never ending . My name tags are the UK’s first choice when it comes to tags and what’s best , is you can design your own! Alessia chose the emoji style as we have really been into the emoji movie as of lately :)

The girls prefer packed lunches to school meals and that way I know what they are eating and they can also add in their favourite treats too. Trunki have the cutest little lunch bags and matching bottles out . There are a few designs to choose from and they can also be worn as a satchel too , which is a bonus!

September comes around and we seem to get another hit of summer in Staffordshire, so I always make sure we have suncream in the cupboard as you never know when Mr sun wants to come out and play. The green people’s Organic children’s sun cream is great for all of the girls as it’s gentle of their eczema and has no nasties.

It also protects 97% of the UVB - which is the rays that causes the burning. Just because the sun isn’t shining, doesn’t mean you are protected. It is spf 30 and also water repellent for outdoor water play at playgroup for little Nila :)

So we are finally prepared and ready for the new year , I hope you are too!

-PR Samples included

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