Monday 5 August 2019


If you are following me over on Instagram then you will already know that today was my first day back at work, and if you are not following  me , then why the heck not? :)

So yes. Last week I decided to return to work . As you will know if you are a regular here , that I worked as a community carer for the last 5 years. I then got pregnant and went back to work after maternity leave for a while.

Leaving Nila just didn’t sit well for me , with her being only little . I was missing them little milestones and decided to stay at home and continue working on my blog as a means of income .

I’ve been self employed full time stay at home mum and work from home mama for the last year and a bit and I have really enjoyed it .

Being able to stay with Nila and earn money was always what I wanted and it has really worked for us and given us that time together .

She is now 2 and I’ve been feeling the urge to just get out there , you know? . Working from home does come with its downsides - adult company and just being stuck in a little rut so I made the decision to go back to working in the  care community part time and to see how things go.

Nila is with her Grandad whilst I’m at work and I do feel blessed that I have the opportunity to work and the girls be with family. It also helps that my mother in law owns the company too :) But shsss don’t tell anybody :)

Today has gone so much better than I thought it would . It feels like I have never been away. The girls have been with their  Grandad and they went to the park . Alessia has been with him too whilst they are still off school and it’s been absolutely fine .

They’ve had lunch at the cafe and they haven’t missed me as much as I’ve missed them I can tell you that! :)

I’m absolutely exhausted now though! The girls are in bed and I am now catching up on blog work and emails. I am sure I will figure out my old routine and everything will swing back into place again  :)

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