Saturday 3 August 2019


We have just got in and the rain has begun! To late rain! We’ve been out all afternoon in the sunshine- you was too late :)

We’ve had a lovely day at our local park . They hosted a family fun day - face painting , crafts , music - a free event which I think is needed in the summer holidays.

The summer can get so expensive, so I do try and find some local free days out that we can all enjoy.

I packed up a picnic for lunch and we headed to the park. The sun has been glorious today and we have definitely soaked it all up. 

The girls made some kites at the  craft stall while Nila did some drawing . They came out pretty good- although one has got squashed in the changing bag on the way home but we will mend that one :)

We sat down for lunch in the shade - where the wasps fancied joining us . It was really funny as the older two scream blue murder when the wasps come close . It was eventful watching them run a mile every time one came by :)

Alessia got her face painted to match her dress. Nila had a little incident on the bouncy castle so didn’t want her face painted but she did hook the duck and won some sweeties which cheered her up 

We got some delicious homemade sprinkle cake - it reminded me of the cake you use to get at school! I did have two pieces and now feel a bit of a fatty :) 

We ended the day with a quick trip the the library actually to join Nila up and also the girls got some books out .

It’s been lovely and definitely needed. Time for a cup of tea and a quiet evening I think :)

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