Wednesday 7 August 2019


The summer holidays are in full swing and we are loving it . We’ve been on some lovely day outs and trips to the park and it got me thinking about our summer must haves.

There are some things that we just couldn’t live without over the summer period and I thought I’d share them with you- maybe you might find exactly what you’ve been looking for !

Picnic blanket! We’ve recently got this new one from Paladone and it’s the bees knees!.This twister picnic blanket is awesome. A blanket and game in one ! And who doesn’t love a game of twister.

It comes with a little twister keyring attaches so after that picnic full of goodness , why not work it off with a game of twister in the sunshine :)

Suncream is an obvious one - but what about face sun cream?. I don’t know anyone who wears actuall face sun cream- apart from myself!. It’s so important to make sure your whole body is protected whether the sun is out or not.

HEVL stands for high energy visible light , and it is the third harmful ray. Not common yet but it a ray that comes out whether the sun is shining or not .

Hayfever!. If you follow me over on Instagram then you will know and have seen my horrendous hayfever come out with a vengeance!. I have tried everything to tame it but nothing has worked,until this!

Hay-band is actually a band you wear on your arm! It works by applying pressure to the LI-11 point on either arm. I was a little sceptical on trying this and I had tried everything! , but touch wood I haven’t had any hayfever symptoms since using it so if your in doubt , go check it out.

It retails at £11.99.

If you have children then wipes are definitely on hand at all times during the summer!. If it’s mucky
hands that need cleaning up or you need a freshen up yourself in the heat then wipes are our go to.

Aqua wipes are biodegradable baby wipes that do not contain plastics and made from 99% purified water. Registered with the vegan society and used by the NHS- these wipes are kind to your skin and the environment .

They come in full size and little travel sizes , which are perfect to pop in your bag if you are out on a picnic:). They can be purchased from a few places including Ocado and Amazon

We have aloe Vera gel in our cupboard all year round as it is  so versatile and can be used in so many ways. Dry skin and stretch marks , to sunburn and stings in the summer.This organic Aloe Vera Gel from life plan contains no colourings , perfumes, parabens or animal derivatives and is made from 99% pure Aloe Vera Barbadensis inner gel.

It retail at £5.65.

I’d love to hear your summer must haves for the summer and I hope you are all having s great summer so far!

-PR Samples

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