Friday 6 September 2019


First week back for the girls at playgroup and school and they are so glad to be back!. I think Nila has missed her little friends over the summer and Alessia couldn’t wait to go into year 6!.

They were really lucky to be sent out some of the Trunki range to get them prepared and all set up for the new school year and they really did look the part :)

As you know , Nila is obsessed with dinosaurs and was over the moon to pack her new toddlepak backpack
 for playgroup. She loves wearing it and it’s the perfect size for little ones . It comes in a few different designs including this Dino one.

It has a 4 litre capacity and easy reach front face pouch too. It has padding on the shoulders for little ones to feel comfortable wearing it and also has a chest strap to keep it in place :)

What I love about these little backpacks is the hi- visibility on the nose and the reflective piping around the paws- making sure your little munchkins can be seen.

It also has a clip at the front where we clip on Nila’s little Trunki purse which holds her dummy in for after playgroup when a nap is definitely needed!

Alessia loves being pack lunch for school. She’s never really enjoyed the school dinners - only on a Friday when it’s fish and chips. Alessia has the matching lunch bag and water bottles. The lunch bag can either be worn as a shoulder bag or a pack back , which is great !

They also have a big range of snack pots to choose from - we have a few and they are ideal for fruit salads for morning break at school or after playgroup snacks on the way he. They come in a set of three which is perfect for us :)

Alessia has a new pencil case every term- am I the only one with stationary mad children? :) - Trunki also do a pencil case which comes in pink or blue and what’s great about it is you can clip it onto your actual Trunki if you are going away!.

I hope your little ones have had a lovely first week back and if you fancy a little nose at the Trunki range then it all can be found on their website.

-Gifted items

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