both the eldest girls always loved bugs when they were little . Kadiann even ate a snail once! I know , I know!, but they were never scared of creepy crawlers at all.

Over the last few months Nila has been frightened by every black little dot she sees!. Honestly , she points at every thing and says it’s a spider , I don’t know if it’s a faze she is going through but it really does upset her .

It’s been a lovely day today and I thought it would be nice to get out in the garden- I am a little house bound due to surgery, but we managed the garden and did a little bug hunting in the sunshine .

I thought it might be a great activity to try and get Nila interested and excited about bugs rather than scared! - and we have a ton of different bugs in the garden at the minute.

We found plenty of Gaston’s first - if you guessed Ben and Holly’s little kingdom then brownie points for you :) , if not then , we found lots of ladybirds first and she was really intrigued but wouldn’t touch them but kept ‘awww’ ing them :)

We got Alessia’s small world out as she has had it for ages and decided to collect some snails . Kadiann use to have African land snails when she was little and we loved looking after them .

The girls hunted for some snails and Nila really got involved . Alessia loves finding snails and naming them so she was super excited to collect some and make a home for them in the bedroom!

We dug up some soil and collected some leaves and found a few snails - some had decided to leave home as we call it so were empty but we found two and the girls namesd them Leo and of course Upsy Daisy:)

We even got Nila stroking Leo which was amazing and In just one afternoon she’s come on so much! It’s been a good one today ...


  1. Snail World looks like a great way to find out about these amazing creatures. You can link this into the National Curriculum too in science

  2. My daughter is obsessed with bugs and even picked up a huge spider the other day - she did squeal when it ran up her arm though

  3. Kids love bugs and this seems to be a real thing. Great for them to get outside and explore for sure x

  4. Who doesn't love bugs when we were kids?! Every kid should enjoy this snail hunting hobby.

  5. Ohh my boys love bug hunting! This kit is ace, would make a great Christmas gift

    Laura x


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