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France garners more visitors per year than any other country in the world, leaving nations like America and United Kingdom trundling at the back. Part of this appeal lies in the mild and warmth of the summers which attract waves of tourists simply seeking to soak in the sun. 

Add to all this are some of the finest beaches, great countryside, skiing chalets and some remarkable activities to participate in, and you have families simply flocking to France with their kids in tow. The reason for this is not difficult to imagine, as these seven kid-friendly places will point out.

Perfect for a Skiing holiday

With plenty of snow and great slopes, kid-friendly skiing resorts, easily available rental equipment and expert instructors, the number one reason to visit France with your family, has to be to shred. You can enjoy active holidays with your kids here and give them a reason to be outdoors, rather than behind screens. French Alps has some amazing locales like Morzine, Les Gets, Val d’lsere and Tignes.  

Has a vibrant capital like Paris

Paris, especially during the warmer months, is a wonderful city to visit along with the children, despite its reputation as being primarily a city for lovers. As you take a leisurely stroll on the streets, you will come across many a café serving delicious pastries where the kids can relax and enjoy them with a drink in hand.  The food is fabulous, as is the walk through the Luxembourg gardens, or a spin on the carousel in Tuileries Gardens. Last but not the least, riding up to the top of the Eiffel tower to admire the views of the city is something which your children will remember for a long time to come.

Entertaining theme parks

For persons who are familiar with Disney world in the US, the Paris counterpart may have few takers, entertainment and family destination. What makes the trip worthwhile is its proximity to the capital and the grand parades and celebrations which take place almost every day. Families can also enjoy a new park experience at the Park Asterix, based on the beloved comic character of the same name. The best part is that children who require special needs are attended to in a very speedy and professional manner. If you are at anytime within a short distance from Paris, take the kids to these amusement parks to make their dreams come true.

Palace of Versailles

The name may sound pretentious, but a visit to the Palace of Versailles is a definite yes and an absolute must with families with children. The RER Metro makes regular trips from the city centre and visiting Versailles makes for a lovely outing in itself from the city. Remember to book advance online to save time and once there hire a golf cart to move around. The Palace tour is a wonderful experience and showcases history in an amazing manner.The Palace grounds are very large, hence the suggestion to travel by a vehicle.

Château de Bridoire

No arm twisting required to visit Chateau de Bridoire because the kids will just adore playing knights and queens while roaming around in an ancient castle. This 'games castle' is located in South West of France in the Dordogne region and is said to be a place of pure fun. Visitors to this partially restored 15th century fortification, can try their hand at a number of medieval sports like archery, jousting, catapult, crossbows and even traverse an obstacle course. In case you want to write in the old fashioned way, using old tools, then a quill and ink pot areon hand to make a try.

Nice- Queen of the French Riviera

Well for starters, the Old quarter of the city is a peaceful and delightful place to wander about, something the children will just love.Thelanes and alleys offer perfect opportunities to stroll around and enjoy some local delicacies and great ice-cream in the parks.Then there is an excellent area on the main beach in Nice where kids can try to build sand castles and pebble towers to their heart's content. If the children need some exercise and fresh air, take them to the Park de la Colline du Chateau, where there is a massive open grassy play area and a fully equipped playing arena for kids. The adults need not despair as they can sit backand enjoy the lovely French atmosphere at Piazza Rossetti with a wine in hand while the kids grab a gelato on the beach shore full of activities for kids of all ages.

Aven Armand

Situated about an hour from Milieu in the dead center of the Gorges du Tarn is Aven Armand. A discovery of Louis Armand, this is a huge grotto measuring 120x60 m. Once you enter the cave by way of a small funicular ride and down a series of steps, you will be amazed to come across the largest formation of stalagmites, numbering in their hundreds, throughout the entire area of the cave. A 30m tall stalagmite, said to be the tallest in the world, is also located here. The whole trip should be completed in about seventy minutes, with the actual cave tour lasting forty five minutes, before ascending the ninety nine steps back up to the entrance of the funicular. Needless to say the kids will have a ball.

Normandy- Lessons of War

Events which occurred in Normandy during the Second World War have been known to change the history of France and children will just love hearing about them. The nearby beautiful town of Bayeux is popular due to the famous tapestry it depicts about the Norman conquest of England and the chain of events which happened on these D-Day beaches. The children will simply adore to see the real place for themselves and compare it to what they were taught in school. Another big advantage of visiting Normandy is the presence of the interactive war museums which catch the imagination of many a little mind.

The main focus in France is on enjoyment and living life to the fullest extent possible, some attributes which are hard to find elsewhere. From majestic castles of the Loire Valley to the crystal clear beach waters of the French Riviera, there are no shortages of destinations where families can have a magical vacation. Be it the extraordinary capital or the hinterland, savvy parents with children can get spoilt for choices as far as entertainment and activities are concerned. Simply put- the opportunities are endless.

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