Thursday 12 September 2019


It has been 2 weeks since I had surgery. If you are new around here then I had Hernia repair surgery a fortnight ago, which I had actually been waiting for , for well over a year.

I intially noticed the hernia - which was just above my belly button , a few years after having my second daughter Alessia , who is now 10.  It never bothered me or hurt so the doctors said they wouldn’t need to do anything .

Fast forward to 2016 when I became pregnant with my third daughter Nila and that’s where the problems started. Obviously the bigger I got in pregnancy the bigger the hernia became. I gave birth and then that’s when the pain started .

If I did to much , it would pop out and become so painful. After maternity leave I went back to work as a community carer and the nature of the job is quite full on in terms of assisting clients standing , to get out of bed , and the pressure on my hernia was becoming to much so I went to the doctors who referred me to the hospital.

The first appointment I had the doctor basically told me , it’s not if , it’s when you have surgery to repair it , as it will not go away.

So cut a long story short , I went in for surgery on the 28th August and it has been a fortnight since.Recovery, so after I woke up from theatre I was in a lot of pain, on the highest pain relief and had to stay in so they could monitor me.

The next day was a little better and I was told to take the bandage off after two days and redress it with another one. This one would be left for 2 weeks and then taken off.

When I got home I ended up with a chest infection and was constantly coughing and bringing up rubbish , which the coughing was pulling on my stomach and stitches , it was horrendous. If I could of turned the clocks back at that point , I would of in a heart beat!.

I had a course of anti biotics which helped and eased offf the coughing. I had to keep moving to prevent blood clots in my legs and also keep stockings on for 2 weeks. I just felt awful. Nauseous and groggy.

My mum was with me for the first week and everyone helped out as I couldn’t even lift a kettle . It was extremely frustrating but I knew I had to recovery properly in order to heal .

So this evening I have been back to the hospital. They removed my bandage and everything is looking how it should . I’m still swollen and sore but that is normal and I no longer have to wear the dressing or the sexy stockings *extreme sarcasm here*

I am beginning to feel a little more like myself and being able to do a bit more . I have a check up in 2 months time so for now I am going to try and take it slowly , but now the first 2 weeks are out of the way, I am glad it is done and now I can start getting back to my normal self :)

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