Saturday 14 September 2019


I can not tell you how much cabin fever had taken over since surgery. If you are new around here then I had hernia surgery 2 weeks ago and honestly , it has been horrendous.

I’ve wrote about it Here if you fancy having a read . So 2 weeks of being stuck in and not being able to go anywhere has really taken its toll on my mood and mental health and although I know recovery and resting is the most important thing -  not being able do nothing and feeling helpless has been awful.

I’ve been feeling a little better over the last few days and Kadiann was off work yesterday so we decided to venture into town. I can’t lift Nila or push the buggy so I’ve had my own little PA around with me today and honestly , Kadiann has been an absolute god send since surgery, she has been incredible!.

So we spent the day in town which was lovely . We went to primark for some bits - leggings essentially, I’m sure everyone goes to primark for leggings and with my stomach so swollen I can only really fit into leggings!

Nandos for lunch was a must have! Hallumi sticks with chilli jam are my absolute favourite :)

Topshop  has my cardigan in! In 6 different colours! Not my size though so I’m on the hunt for them online over the weekend. It’s the little things right?

We both picked up some hair dye to go darker for Autumn. I haven’t gone dark for years so a little nervous and Kadiann is blond so it’s going to be a massive change for her! But she is 16 and I can’t keep saying no forever ... or can I? :)

We had a little browse in New look and I have been looking for a checked shirt like coat for ages and Kay spotted one on the sale rack for a tenner which is an absolute bargain and I absolutely love it.

We also come across a play area that I was told about . It is all charity funded and the whole place is actually quite amazing. It has one part of the shop that sells preloved items, another part with sewing machines and material for you to help yourself and make a little masterpiece to take home- there is a dj area and music spot and also a cafe with homemade cakes that are to die for.

The play area in there is incredible. It has lots of areas that are imaginative play- so shop keeper with til and greenhouse with veg. Playhouse with dolls and prams. A dress up corner . Books and colouring station. A bouncy castle and scuttle bugs and slide . So so much , Nila was in her element.

We had the best day. I was ready for bed by the end of it but it was definitely needed :)

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