Friday 6 December 2019


This time of year is full of traditions isn’t it?. We get our favourite music in a playlist , the decorations from the attic and the traditional dancing Santa’s that we all love to hate from out the cupboard.

We started a tradition last year and that was a real Christmas tree. I’ve wanted one for so long and always put myself off of the idea, but last year we had one and absolutely loved it.

We have been kindly gifted a real tree for this Christmas from The Christmas Tree and we are so happy with it .

So if you live local you can happily pick one up. We live miles away from where we would have to collect it so there is a delivery option which is fantastic. The website is so easy to use and makes shopping for a tree online so easy.

We went for the 6ft Nord tree which we actually ordered last year and the medium stand is perfect for this size of tree.

Our tree was delivered and we set it up right away. I like to leave the tree to stand and almost air before we decorate it as it can be a little wet. We filled the base up with water and left it to rest over night.

The kids came home from school yesterday and were so eager to get decorating . We put the Christmas songs on and sorted through the mountains of baubles  and tinsel and had such a lovely evening.

Our tree looks amazing!. The house smells incredible and we are definitely all set for a fantastic Christmas :)

-Gifted Tree

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