Tuesday 17 December 2019


One thing we absolutely love this time of year is gingerbread men . I’ll be honest , I love anything gingerbread , especially coffee :)

We picked up a little kit from Aldi with ready made dough in and a cutter and some sprinkles and thought it would be perfect one morning to do with Nila.

She loves baking and all crafts and thought this ready made set would be a perfect stress free activity.

For some reason I could not find the rolling pin! Honestly , was a game of find the rolling pin , the fake failed !. So I opted for a fry light bottle - it worked :)

We got all the festive cutters out and did some lovely ones - snowman, that Nila tried to eat before actually baking them Ha!, and some Xmas trees and angels .

She also wanted to do some dinosaur ones for daddy and her sisters , she is dinosaur obsessed.! We popped them in the oven and cleared up. They don’t take that long , so we let them cook whilst she went down for a nap.

Unfortunately by the time she woke up and everyone came home, decorating them was a little late as they all got demolished with warm milk and teas.

They were actually really tasty :) I’ll definitely get another kit when we go next !

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