Wednesday 18 December 2019


We all know that having a number plate on your vehicle is a legal requirement don’t we? , but the law  is a little bit more specific than just having a number plate.

This is where your mind gets blown into what is actually legal and illegal. It helps to understand the law surrounding number plates for future reference and also to keep on top of things . No one wants a fine - especially around Christmas!.

So a number plate is actually required for the front and also the rear of your car . If it gets broken or damaged then you will need to get it replaced as soon as possible. Driving without one is a very big no go. You can purchase replacements, but will need to provide ownership so have that to hand when you do.

The number plate has always got to be readable. So if you have  been on a road trip with the kids and your car is up to it’s neck in mud and god knows what , then get it cleaned on the way home as this will incur a fine .

Especially this time of year - the roads are full of grit and dirt and snow. The festive season is definitely not an excuse to not keep on top of your car’s needs.

We are guilty of not keeping our number plate super clean I’ll hold my hands up and admit. Sometimes we are just ‘so busy’ , but not being on top of things could land you a fine of up to £1000.

A front number plate must always have a white background with black characters, nothing else is actually considered legal . Your rear plate should have a yellow background with black characters - are you all getting up to double check ? :)

The reason for it is , although it might look fancy and give your a car a bit of personality, but it can actually obscure the characters, making the registration difficult to read .

There is so much more information over at Tyre Pros if you fancy reading a bit more about the laws and to educate yourself that little bit more :)

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