Friday 7 February 2020


Now the weather seems to be less wet!, the joys of winter and rain. We’ve started decluttering the garden and trying to get it ready for summer and spring.

I am definitely guilty of using the garden as a dumping ground so when the time comes to use it - it is in absolute chaos. Is anyone else like that?

Luckily the garden is concrete so it doesn’t look like a scene from the jungle book , but we do have a massive hedge on one side that is seriously over grown , and the back is fenced which looks over a farm and is absolutely gorgeous.

I love having a garden , to be able to go outside and sit with a cup of tea and just relax and unwind is something that is definitely taken for granted .

I made the mistake of not covering up the furniture over the Xmas period and didn’t bring half of the chairs and covers inside the shed so a lot of the garden furniture is quite damaged, which is a shame , but that does mean I am on the look out for some lovely garden pieces.

I’ve had a look online as I love a good online shop and the first thing that caught my eye was a hammock. We loved lounging about in the hammocks in turkey when we was on holiday a few years ago and I would absolutely love one in the garden .

The girls would never be out of it I’m sure . Troplix have got a huge range of them on their site including a family sized one , which would be great for us and they range from £79.99 which I was expecting the price to be a lot more .

I’d love a fire centrepiece for the  evenings too- marshmallows by the fire and snuggles with the girls in our new hammocks, with plenty of pillows!. You can purchase matching pillows from the sites which is always a bonus :)

I’d love to know if your garden is summer ready and if not what are your plans on sprucing yours up? :)

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