Wednesday 5 February 2020


So January is over - thank god . It definitely does seem like the longest month  doesn’t it?. Did anyone try and do the no January spend and fail? :)

This year I have definitely vowed to try and cut down on spending and definitely try and save the pennies and pounds - especially with having three children.

The year can get really expensive with three to always buy for . I thought I would share with you some of my tips that are definitely going to help me cut back and save this year .

Meal Plan
Meal planning definitely saves us a lot of money on our weekly shop . Take a pen and paper and go around the cupboards and freezer and write out what you already have in , what you fancy making and what you need to buy to complete your meal plan for the week.

We have saved £40 a week on our food shop doing this , and the money goes straight into our savings box.

Shop Around
when that  time comes that your washing machine breaks or your vacuum decides to give up on you and your desperate to purchase a new one , definitely shop around before you pick up the first one you see .

Uk deals and giveaways actually post in-store deals from shops like home bargains , which is a place I love to grab a bargain from . So definitely check them deals out when you are  on the look out for a new gadget but don’t want to pay the earth for .

Start Christmas Early
if you’ve got 5 minutes, pop the kettle on and definitely have a nosey at some early deals. You might pick up some of the kids birthday presents and Xmas bits  in advance , plus for a really great price! .

Knowing you’ve got them special days covered early really does make such a difference and you can sit back and relax rather than worry if you can afford them closer to the time .

All that stuff you have laying around . Maybe you have packed them up in boxes in the attic. The black bags of old baby clothes that you say you are going to get rid of soon. Put it all on eBay and make some money.

Book yourself a stall at the local carboot sale and have a morning of it . We do this regularly and can make £100 , just buy  selling all the stuff that we don’t want and is just gathering dust at home .

Holiday Deals
Holidays can be such an expensive experience- especially if you do have children. Definitely look for the deals that come up. There are so many different deals and offers held throughout the year .

I hope this post has inspired you to save and find all them deals for best year yet :)

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