Tuesday 28 January 2020


One thing I love to do and haven’t done much of over the last few months is taking off on a walk. It doesn’t have to be a 20 mile hike ,  just getting out in the fresh air is something I have always enjoyed and so have the girls.

This weekend we picked up a toddler scooter for Nila from Argos - I didn’t actually realise they did little ones and as soon as I found it , I knew we had to get it .

 Nila is definitely a ‘my sister has one so I have got to have one’ kind of girl :) , she is constantly trying to get on Alessia’s scooter and ride it , so I thought why not get her one of her own.

At the back of our house is actually a national trail. There are a few ways it leads to , plus you can follow it round in an almost circle and get home.

All five of us went out ,and it was definitely needed. We haven’t  all been out together in such a long time . We took the trail that takes us back home but passes the ducks along the way - although they are very scary.

Alessia and Nila couldn’t run any faster pass them , they are a little vicious , but it makes us all giggle to see who can get pass them first. It’s actually the Canadian geese that are the scary ones , the others are fine , and cute as Nila says :)

Nila’s first time on her scooter was the most adorable thing. She couldn’t quit grasp the idea of moving it herself, I think somehow she thought she would stand on it and it just ‘go’. She did so well through and loves having a scooter like her sisters.

We got home and we’re all freezing and in desperate need of teas and hot chocolates. We had a lovely afternoon out and we really do need to start doing it more often :)

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