Tuesday 25 February 2020


Half term we always try and get to my mum and dads if we can . They live in Martham in Norfolk which is 5 hours drive so it can be difficult to arrange when we can visit .

Kadiann was working and so was Mezz,  but he was able to get a day off to drive us there on the Thursday so we could spend the weekend there , which I really do appreciate. It’s sometimes difficult being so far away from them and not having them close by to just pop in for a tea or a catch up.

He did the drive there and back in one day too so he could get back home for work in the morning :)

We haven’t actually seen my dad since last April so almost a year which is absolutely crazy and the girls were so excited to see them both , and of course Buddy , their Staffordshire bull terrier .

The storms and winds are still really bad so we didn’t have much planned for the weekend apart from a trip to the arcades which is only 5 minutes away - and Alessia would never let me live it down if we didn’t take a trip to the arcades while there :)

They love  the 2p machines and winning all the little nick nacks. They did really well actually. A bag full of haribos, slime , paw patrol figures , toy story teddies and cups - I think it was definitely a success. 

We were there for 4 hours and I only spent £10, I think that was definitely a mum win! As that included a cup of tea too :)

It was a weekend of den making and we made so many, including one to fit buddy in . My girls love making dens and forts and they can play for hours in them with their dolls and teddies .

We had a movie  night with chocolate cake and custard and watched the latest jumanji movie which was actually really good , we had been wanting to watch it for AGES!.

Alessia got nanny to make her favourite dinner ever - mincemeat and mash! Honestly , nothing comes close to nannies mincemeat and mash. She even phoned her to let her know that’s what she wanted one day .

It has been lovely catching up with them and spending some time with them this past weekend . Alessia didn’t want to leave and I know the girls really do miss them .

We are hoping to make another trip in the May half term so fingers crossed for them :) 

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