I can not believe it is the first of February. Thank god January is over . It has dragged on for far to long , and now we can get super excited for the big V day :)

I have always loved Valentine’s Day . I definitely think it is one day then you should 100% spoil your self . Self love and care are extremely important to whether you have a loved one this Valentines, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it :)

I’ve rounded up some bits that I would love to receive for Valentine’s Day and if I don’t , I’ll just buy them for myself - self love remember :)

First up is hand cream. I’f you have followed me for a while then you will know I am definitely the hand cream queen. We seem to forget our hands when pampering and they end up being so dry , not mine! :) .

The SEAMS beauty hand cream is actually one of my favourites now and i have been using it for about a year . With its Biomimetic lipid complex , the cream penetrates the skin to help lock all that moisture and goodness, leaving your hands feeling super soft and smelling absolutely incredible .

It’s full of natural ingredients including Rosehip oil , which is my favourite, Shea butter , macadamia and also pro vitamin B5.

Why not treat yourself to some more hand pamper goodies from Leighton Denny expert nails . They have such a wide variety to choose from including this gorgeous little bundle.

It includes a nail file , a rejuvenating hand mask , which I’ve never actually tried before but this one is AMAZING, and finish off with the gorgeous glittery nail polish in the shade pink .

If you are having a quiet night In why not make a romantic meal . Steak is always our favourite- with some gorgeous home made chips In the Vonhaus air fryer . It would make the perfect gift and also make cooler so much more enjoyable- honestly the food tastes so good In this :)

A girls best friend, no not diamonds , GIN! :) this Mermaid pink gin will not disappoint. Aromatic and refreshing . This no added sugar gin is to die for . The strawberries are steeped for four days then half removed to be distilled then added back in to make its unique strawberry taste.

The blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire . The Samphire was actually foraged from the islands cliffs which is known locally as the Mermaid’s Kiss, which is actually where this gin got its name :)

What I also love  about this brand is that the gin is in a plastic free bottle which is 100% recyclable . The stopper is sustainably sourced cork and wood and plant based seal Is biodegradable, amazing !.

Send me some Chocolates and you really can’t go wrong , especially guylian. They do the best chocolate around and I love praline and their praline is so good - definitely not sharing them
If you get your hands on a box .

They have some lovely chocolate box sets out - perfect for your valentine,Or just for you in bed with a film and a glass of gin :).

I’f you are more of a sweet kinda girl then these are delicious. The bertie botts have the Harry Potter sweet range out and they really are so good!our favourite has got be the berry jelly beans - and they also come in your house tin too!

I am a sucker for a card - which ever holiday it is , are you? . Danilo have the most cutest minion Valentine’s cards out to choose from . Lines like ‘you are one in a minion’ , will definitely be stealing your hearts for sure .

Pamper yourself this valentines eve with a face mask from mad beauty. They have so many to choose
From to sort your skin type and your problematic areas- whether you want one for pores or just to rejuvenate the skin .

They also have every Disney princess going so whether you fancy being sleeping beauty or Ariel
For the night , mad beauty have you covered :)

If you have children and can manage to get a babysitter then why not check out buy a gift . They have a fantastic Valentine’s Day line up including some spa sessions and even a murder mystery night away.

These would be great to get some couple time in  this Valentines and really enjoy each other’s company :) or a trip away with your bestie .

Hair care treats are always appreciated. The team at nanogen have an amazing hair thickening range which comes in shampoo, conditioner and a serum.

The bottles are really pretty too and would look lovely in a little hamper for this valentines :)

Last but definitely not least - for the more adventurous and special gift this Valentine’s why not try out  Satisfyer. They are an adult toy company that do a wide variety
Of toys and accessories:)

Including the new Satisfyer Luke range which is made from the finest materials, including leather , brushed aluminium and precious metals. Mixing style with pleasure the new range looks absolutely gorgeous and include the new Prét-à-Porter and Haite Couture toys :)

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration this Valentines.


  1. Love the ideas though I can't get beyond that Pink Gin - I am such a fan of strawberry Gin - the original strawberry Gin I think is from Seville and we can't get in the UK (or at least easily) - so always looking for alternatives! YUM!

  2. I don't realy do Valentines to be honest, as I'd rather enjoy time with my hubby when it is less busy and commercial. I love experience vouchers from Buyagift in fact I just bought a meal out minutes ago as you can get some serious discounts! Mich x

  3. Lots of fabulous ideas here. I would definitely be happy with the Mermaid Strawberry gin and some chocolates! :D

  4. I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day, but this year as we don't have the kids we're planning a date night in. Can't say I'd complain if the hubster treated me to one of these gifts too x

  5. Oh gosh, you've reminded me I totally need to get a move on with my own Valentines Gift Guide. You've got some lovely ideas in yours!

  6. An excellent guide, and some excellent ideas for my wife this valentines, loving the Minion cards,and shes most happy with chocolate!

  7. I really want to try that mermaid gin, the bottle is stunning. I also want an airfryer, although not for valentines day

  8. We don't really do valentine's Day but would appreciate any of these gifts from my partner anytime if year just because as a token of our love. Those chocolates would be especially appreciated.

  9. Great suggestions, I would be over the moon with any of these goodies this Valentines day. However the mermaid gin and Disney face mask collection look particularly amazing and would be my favourites!


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