Tuesday 10 March 2020


Going out as a family is very important to me and we try and have a family night as often as we can , and finding something we all love is even better :)

We were lucky enough to be gifted some tickets to review Gandeys circus  again this year and we couldn’t wait . We saw Gandeys Circus last year and absolutely loved it , although Nila was still only little , so this time round she was so excited and had been shouting circus all day :)

We picked up our tickets at the  ticket office and headed to get some refreshments . We had just had our dinner so only picked up some drinks before sitting down and waiting for the show to start .

Nila was in her element and the lights made it even more magical for her before the show kicked off. A few of our favourites were there and also a few new acts which was a nice surprise.

Like I said last year , Chico the clown made the show. He was fantastic last year and this year he was joined with Andreea , who was also brilliant. Clowns have definitely become a dying act over the years but this duo absolutely smashed it!.

We were all clapping away and singing along with all the songs . We also got soaked when the pair came round being silly as Nila said , it was such fun!.

They really involve all the audience , so much so, Mezz was called onto the stage for an act and the girls absolutely loved seeing daddy, although Alessia was a little embarrassed , but Kadiann was cheering him on and Nila wanted to join him! .

The interval was enough time to grab some snacks - candy floss all round and Nila got a flashing light stick and a toy which was available to buy throughout the whole show.

This year we saw not three but five motorbikes in the circle !. I was honestly on the edge of my seat with one eye open, it was absolutely fantastic, and the skills that go into these performances are incredible.

My favourite act has got to be the two Indian gymnasts performing the ancient skill Mallakhama. It was unreal. I held my breath at one point. What an amazing talent and definitely won me over .

We have always loved the circus and love seeing Gandeys for the past two years. It has definitely become a family tradition coming to see Gandeys circus and we can’t wait for next year :)

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