Sunday 8 March 2020


Rocky road is one of our favourite sweet treats . We all love it and it is so easy to make . I have made a few versions for different holidays and they are the perfect little treat for after dinner or a treat in the kids lunch boxes.

I’ve made a valentines one and also a gooey Halloween version which go down so well with the trick or treaters :)

I didn’t have the usual ingredients I would normally use so I have come up with this pic’n’mix version as I grabbed whatever I could find that would still make a yummy treat for after tea .


A handful of marshmallows 
2 heep tablespoons of Nutella 
1x Titan bar chopped up into chunks , which is an Aldi mars bar :)
2 strips of the Aldi fruit and nut chopped up into pieces

Biscuits of choice - I added some lotus biscoff ones , custard creams , hob nob and Oreos - depending on how chunky you want your rocky road and how big your case is will depend on how many biscuits you’ll need :) for this one I went with around 10


Line your tin with greaseproof paper so you are ready!

Break your biscuits up and cut your chocolate all ready , then add your Nutella and marshmallows to a bowl and microwave them Until they are runny.

Do 20 seconds at a time and stir as it can burn . 

Do 20 seconds at a time and stir as it can burn . 

When the mixture is soft and gooey *be quick now * add all your biscuit and chocolate and give a good mix so it’s all coated .

Pop your mixture in your tray and push down so it’s quite firm in your tray. Pop in the fridge for an hour then cut into chunks

enjoy :)

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