Wednesday 4 March 2020


If you have followed me for a while then you will know I have been doing slimming world now for 4 years and reached my target back in 2017.

I then had another little munchkin and put the weight back on and then reached target again and then had surgery in August last year which was hernia repair surgery.

Surgery was definitely not what I expected and it took a longer time for me to recovery and I put all the weight back on again.

So I decided to rejoin and make slimming world a life style which it is, rather than an on and off plan which is definitely not good for you,

So my first 4 weeks back have actually been really easy. I haven’t struggled with the change and was trying to make the changes a few weeks before fully joining again anyway .

I have loved having the app again and finding out about some of the new low syn treats and different healthy extra b choices - the app is definitely one of the things I missed most and I honestly don’t think you can do it without it .

I have lost 1/2 a stone in 4 weeks and can definitely feel a difference . I’m not bloated at all and already feel like I have more energy rather than being to bloated and uncomfortable to do anything.

This month the treats that have kept me going are groovy bars from Aldi - which are 6 syns and so good with a cup of tea in the evening . The dream bars are small but low in syns and these are always my pick me up in the afternoon with a coffee if I need one .

Steak wotsists!! I found these on someone’s Instagram and couldn’t find them anywhere until I popped into Morrison’s . They are delicious and really low in syn.

The fibre one carrot cake bars definitely hit the spot if you are after a bit of a cake treat . I love carrot cake and these bars definitely give me a carrot cake fix :)

I’ve made sure I have been drinking plenty of sugar free squash - I am not a plain water kinda girl , but sugar free squash is fine and I do think keeping hydrated stops you from snacking all the time .

Sliced apples with cinnamon have been a favourite and the kids also love this too so film nights always feature our sliced cinnamon apple :)

It’s been a good month and I am so proud I have lost half a stone . I am hoping to start Zumba one night a week soon too for that body magic and really start feeling myself again .

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