Monday 2 March 2020


Weekends tend to be a roast dinner at home and we rarely go out for dinner on the weekends, I do enjoy my cooking but it is lovely to have a weekend off I must admit :)

We decided last minute , well it was actually Mezz who said let’s go out for Sunday dinner , not planned at all. I had actually already prepped the potatoes but I wasn’t saying no :).

I put Nila down for a nap and got ready to head out . We ended up at the chatterley, which is a hungry horse family restaurant. We have been there quite a few times and it’s really good value for money.

I had a full chicken roast, Nila had the sausage , mash , gravy and veg and Mezz opted for the hunters chicken . It was so good and even more better knowing I hadn’t cooked it!. I think all food tastes like that when you haven’t cooked, am I right?.

Nila brought penguin with her . She absolutely loves him and got him from Nanny when we went to Nanny and Grandads for the weekend.

We also took Nila’s kindle so she could play on her games while we waited. She normally colours but she’s really been loving learning her colours and numbers on some of the games on the kindle at the minute and it’s lovely seeing her learning things on her own - she is a very independent little bug :)

We had dinner and opted for a big sharing sundae which was HUGE and I only had a few mouthfuls as dinner was enough for me .

Nila asked to go to the park after dinner and they actually have a little one outside the restaurant which is so handy.

Straight away she headed for the slide , it’s her favourite thing and she was absolutely knackered running around playing . She made a little friend too which was the cutest thing. She loves people and is very sociable:)

We headed home ready for bath time and stories in bed and it was a lovely afternoon out . Definitely needed .

I think unplanned trips out are always the best :)

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