Thursday 21 May 2020


I have been debating potty training for a few months now and put it off purely because I felt like I hadn’t got the confidence or patience if I’m honest to tackle it just yet.

You would think having two other children, I’d be a pro at it now but it’s the complete opposite!. I don’t know what it was but potty training was something I was absolutely dreading this time round.

With being in lock down and not leaving the house I thought it was the perfect time to start , so I ordered a potty and knickers from Amazon , I love that you can get pretty much anything and everything from there!, and waited in anticipation for them to arrive .

I also ordered a ‘no more nappies’ story book too, so we could sit down and read it together to prepare Nila. Nila is 2 years and 10 months so coming up to the big 3!, they all think they are so big at 3 don’t they :)

So the paw patrol potty arrived on the Wednesday last week and we used that day to talk about it and also read her book and explain that in the morning we were going to have no more nappies and be a big girl, well, she was so excited and spent all day sitting on her potty reading her book and playing games, she loved it!.

Thursday morning we woke up and took the nappy off straight away and popped on her big girl knickers and kept asking frequently if she wanted the potty , she said no.

She still hadn’t been for the toilet by lunch time and I was having an ‘oh god ‘ moment , but after lunch we sat on it and played on the iPad and she went .

 She was so happy and we ran around the living room signing ‘she did it, she did it’, ‘pee pee in the potty’.  For the rest of the day every time I sat her on it she went for a wee.

Friday she said  She did say it was to hard and didn’t want to sit on it by this point , and I think because when she was sitting on it all day Wednesday she still had her nappy on so she was cushioned enough to feel comfortable. with a day of going in it all day she was now feeling it, but I had received a 3 in 1 potty training from little chick London to review and it has been an absolute hit, completely cushioned and she loves it!.

So we did the same thing Friday but she was alone in the living room after tea and she hadn’t got the hang of pulling her knickers down to go for a wee so she had done a wee on the potty through her knickers , I could hear her from the kitchen as I was doing the dishes singing ‘I did it , I did it’, which was so cute because she was so proud but also a little upset that she had wet her knickers , so I decided whilst we are staying in , then it’ll be skirts or dresses with no knickers .

Saturday came and she was still absolutely smashing it , going whenever she wanted , no prompting now , all independent and I can’t tell you how proud I was of her , I had so much doubt and there she was nailing it.

She hadn’t been for a poo yet and she has always been funny when going for a poo, she will hide behind the door and do the deed in her nappy. By this point she was a little constipated and I had tried to squeeze the potty behind the door but it wouldn’t fit . Once again , doing the dishes and she had poo’d on the floor behind the door .

When I came into the living room she showed me the poo and said ‘mama how did that get there?’ , well I was trying my hardest not to have a laughing fit firstly , but then just cleaned it up and said we go for a poo and a wee on the potty now like a big girl.

Once she got over going that first time she has been fine and it’s been done in the potty every time .

It has been a full week and this little bug is absolutely smashing it! This week we are going to go out for our walks with no nappy and  see how that goes, but for now , she is completely mastered it! :)

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