Tuesday 19 May 2020


The world around us is full of diversityEach and every one of us is unique and it’s important for our children to learn and respect this from a young age. 

It is more than likely that they will have friends and teachers in school who have different cultural backgrounds, so they need to learn how to appreciate diversity. Unkind behaviour towards those who are different often stems from a lack of understanding, so the best thing you can do is help educate your child about different cultures. Here are some tips from a private school in Hitchin.

One simple yet effective method for teaching your kids about other cultures is to explore a variety of holidays and celebrations from around the world. For instance, you could celebrate Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving, HanukkahThe Day of the Dead, Christmas and many other religious and cultural events. 

The easiest way to remember is to make a note of each of these important dates in a calendar and do some research with your child in the run up to eachUse it as an opportunity to explore the traditional foods that are eaten and what actuallyhappens on the day. For instance, what clothes are typically worn and what music is played. 

Be sure to learn why these events occur in the first place. Not only is this lots of fun, it’s also very educational and means there’s always something to celebrate just around the corner

Food is fantastic way to increase your child’s cultural awareness, not just on religious holidays. You should set aside some time to prepare a meal with your child every now and again, using ingredients from a different country. Find out how the meal might be served and what utensils are used to eat it. 

There areobviously some less messy options than cooking. Books, for example, are great because they can take you to any part of the world and allow you to experience things you’re otherwise unfamiliar with. Take your child to the library and let them pick out some books that you can read together or order some online if the library isn’t an option

When teaching your child important life lessons, you should always be a good role model and display the type of behaviour you’d like your child to demonstrate. If you don’t, your child will not take you seriously. 

With that in mind, make sure you are always respectful to all people, regardless of their different cultural backgrounds. Essentially, show your child that everyone should be treated equally. 

Avoid making any stereotypical or racist remarks at all costs, even if you think you are just joking around, because your child might think that this is appropriate behaviour

If they ask any questions  about other cultures or religions, don’t shut them down; instead use it as an opportunity to teach them new things about ethnic differences. 

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