Sunday 17 May 2020


If you have followed us for a while then you will already know that Nila is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs, she is dinosaur mad and it is the cutest thing!.

We are always on the look out for new Dino inspired toys and games for her and ones that also encourage learning is an added bonus! :)

Learning Resources UK have an amazing range of hands on Educational toys , games and learning  activities that encourage play and learning including this cute little fella.

At steggy the fine motor Dino is another one  that we have added to our collection. He is aimed at children aged 18 months plus and is absolutely adorable.

Steggy helps your little ones develop their fine motor skills by inserting his brightly coloured little spikes into his back, which also helps build hand strength , refiner pincer grasp and also improves hand eye coordination.

As well as learning all these new skills, your little ones will be learning their colours and numbers too as all the spikes are different colours and they have the numbers on them from 1-10 .

Nila loves this and will ask to count to 10, so we ask for numbers 1 through to 10 and she will have to pop them on Steggy in the right order.

She has come on leaps and bounds with Steggy and knows all her numbers and colours :)

I love that Steggy is such a simple toy yet the learning is absolutely endless.

Once your done with playing with Steggy then pop all his spikes into his back for easy storage and also this should, ‘fingers and toes crossed’ ,help all them little spikes from going missing :)

Steggy the fine motor dino retails at £15.00 and can be purchased online from learning resources and Amazon .

-Gifted item

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