Friday 15 May 2020


In today’s society, the urgency to start a family at young age isnt as common as it used to be. 

So many opportunities are available to expand our knowledge and further our careers that bringing a child into the dynamic is often put on the backburner.

Unfortunately, these prospects for personal growth don’t stopour biological clocks.
Instead, many individuals find themselves facing infertility issues when they’re finally ready for a family

When your reproductive system has taken an unprecedented hit, you might want to consider exploring alternative options likefrozen donor eggs.

What is Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)?
Otherwise known as early-onset menopause,1-100 between the ages of 30 and 39 will find themselves diagnosed with POF. 

While most people enter menopause around ages 42-56, POF can occur as early as 15, although this is extremely uncommon. The average person struggling with POF will begin to see the change around age 27. Some of the most common symptoms of early-onset menopause include:

• Missed or irregular periods
• Mood swings
• Headaches
• Joint stiffness
• Decreased sexual drive
• Hot flashes
• Vaginal dryness
• Short attention span/difficulty concentrating
After the POF process has begun, it can be a few short months to several years before a woman is considered post-menopausal.

Can You Get Pregnant Naturally with Early-Onset Menopause?
If you’re suffering from POF, you might wonder whether it’s possible to get pregnant on your own without assistive reproductive technologies (ART).
The short answer is yes—it’s entirely possible you could conceive naturally. 
However, whether you’re likely to is a different story.

Since conceiving relies on a person’s ability to ovulate, having POF can severely complicate matters. One of the most significant side effects of early-onset menopause, or ovarian insufficiency, is that patients dont ovulate regularly, or at all.
Sadly, theres only a 5-10% chance a POF patient will conceive on their own during any given month.

However, just because it might be difficult to get pregnant without intervention doesnt mean your chance to have a child is gone. Frozen egg donation is a trusted treatment opportunity forany individual or couple facing these types of complications.

How are Frozen Donor Eggs Beneficial to POF Patients?
When a person can’t ovulate correctly, it might seem like this is the end of their fertility journey. On the contrary, people in these types of scenarios have found great success with frozen donor eggs.

While it’s true you’re experiencing early-onset menopause, it doesn’t mean your body is incapable of carrying a child.
By choosing to use an egg donor, youll be giving yourself the opportunity to not only build the family of your dreams but to still experience all that comes with pregnancy and delivery.

Genetics aside, the bond developed between a parent and their child throughout pregnancy is unbreakable. Just because you’re struggling with POF doesnt mean you don’t deserve the chance to feel your child growing within your belly.

What’s Involved with the Frozen Donor Egg IVF Process?
Once you’ve decided to try egg donation and have selected a donor from a trusted donor egg facility, you’ll be able to start your embryo transfer process.
Beginning with a series of general health examinations, your doctor will determine what your current reproductive condition looks like. Using this information, he or she will put together a protocol of medications to help enhance your uterine and endometrial health.

A nursing team at your chosen fertility clinic will monitor your response to these medications with blood work and transvaginal ultrasounds. When they determine your body is ready, one or two of your chosen donor eggs will be thawed, fertilized, and placed into your uterus during a simple, pain-free embryo transfer procedure.
With a little luck, two weeks later youll receive the information you’ve been hoping for—a positive pregnancy test.

Overcoming Premature Ovarian Failure with Egg Donation
The devastation you may feel after learning you’re experiencingearly-onset menopause can be intense.

Despite this hard blow to your dreams of getting pregnant naturally, it’s crucial to remember there are alternative optionsout there. If you’ve dreamt of watching your belly grow, feeling a baby kick from the inside, and bringing your little one into the world, all hope is not lost.

Frozen donor eggs are the ideal solution to help you overcome your diagnosis with POF and continue your quest to have a child.

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