Wednesday 13 May 2020


We have talked about rescuing an animal for a few years now and have been umming on the idea once we move house to add a fluffy addition to our family .

So when it comes to toys and teddies , the girls always go for the animal ones . It’s a given right? . The scruff-a-luvs have been a regular in our house for birthdays and Christmas and they love adding to their collection.

We were kindly sent a selection of scruff-a-luvs which the girls were so excited for!. They have given them all a new home already and have already got some more on their birthday wish list! :)

The Jungle Scruff-a-luvs need your help. Unwrap the vine leaves to help reveal which animal you will rescue.They are the cutest things and what I love about these is a percentage of each scruff friend sold actually goes to the RSPCA which is incredible. They have raised an amazing £110,000 so far!.

Each scruff comes with their very own adoption certificate, cute patterned ears and a hair clip to sort out that bundle of hair/ transforming them from scruff to fluff!.

We set the tuff tray up with warm water and got to work. All three of the girls loved giving them all a bath and seeing who could wash their pet the best.

Once taken out of their box they are in a ball like shape ready to be revealed .

The aim is to wash all the soap like residue off the animals for them to become the fluffiest they can be . It can take a while , that’s what is so great about having a big sister :)

I was desperate to get the rare pony and had already claimed it if we got it - yes I am a big kid at heart :),   but we got the parrot which was super cute and a dog.

Once your Scruff-a-luvs are all washed up and nice and clean , time to dry them and brush their fur. We actually put them on the line to dry in the sunshine for a while and then gave them a little blast with the hair dryer and they came out looking fabulous and so cuddly.

We also got some of the limited edition Spring babies , which are the cutest little things we have ever seen. In this ones you can either get a chick, a bunny or a lamb.

These little babies come with a dummy , a comb and a keepsake pet carrier , which is great for role play and independent play. The girls have set up a vet hospital with these and wear their nurses outfits :)

The spring babies don’t need to be washed , but the girls wanted to pop them in the bath to get them smelling all fresh and ready for their new home :)

With over 21 little babies to collect , these would be perfect for stocking fillers for Christmas or pocket money, and also great for swapping with your friends too.

We’ve had a lovely afternoon in the garden with our new Scruff-a-luvs and we now have a whole family of them all .

If you are looking to start your very own Scruff-a-luv collection, they can be bought from most toy retailers including Amazon , Smyths, the entertainer and Argos .

-Gifted items in exchange for a review

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