Saturday 23 May 2020


Maths has never been a subject at school that I ever enjoyed , I always dreaded the maths lesson, give me English and a good book any day :). I definitely think I have passed this onto the girls as when it comes to Maths work , the sighs and the grumps kick in :)

So anything that can make the subject more fun and easy for the girls to enjoy the learning then I am all ears!.

Learning Resources  are known for their amazing products when it comes to all areas of learning and I can always rely on them for something that is going to help the girls learn something and also have fun whilst doing so.

Sum swamp is the latest addition to our learning Resources collection. The aim of the game is to get to the finish line first by answering the sums correctly , sounds easy right? there is a twist !.

So start off with choosing your swamp creature and then start the game ..

You have three dice , 2 with numbers and one with an add and takeaway sign . You start with the highest number dice , and add or subtract the lowest number , that answer gives you the number of places you can move on the board.

Ready for that twist?, if you land on one of the odd or even squares then you will have to roll either an odd or an even , depending on which square you are on , in order to move.

I landed on an even square and it took me forever to move , not as easy as it looks , but it makes the game so much fun by getting caught up in  challenges around the board.

Also beware of the endless loop! I got stuck here too, I think somehow Alessia was cheating :) , but it kept her engaged whilst learning which is what these games are all about .

Sum swap is aimed at ages 5+ and can be played with 2-4 players , although I think one on one is great for keeping track of their maths and how well they are learning :)

This game retails at around £13.00 and can be purchased from places like  Learning Resources and John Lewis

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