Wednesday 27 May 2020


One thing the girls and I love is sleepovers. They grab their favourite blankets and pillows and we all snuggle up in front of the tv with films , snacks and they are the best sleepovers ever .

Nila is 3 next month and she loves joining in with her cuddly toys and her new favourite pillow which she has been obsessed with .

Little chick London have kindly sent Nila out one of their new toddler pillows and I can say 100%, that it’s a thumbs up from us , Nila absolutely loves it.

Designed to makes things a little bit more comfortable, these toddler pillows are the perfect size for your little ones .

Not too hard , not too soft, but just right to support your little ones head - we love this quote as it reminds us of our favourite story book at bedtime :)

This toddler pillow is100% cotton jersey and are machine washable , which is definitely music to our ears isn’t it parents? :)

The filling is also breathable and anti- allergy hollow fibre which is a bonus especially as we are in a bit of a heat way in the Uk and it can get a little hot and stuffy at bedtime , so having these breathable pillows are perfect.

The pillow comes in two different designs , the star design and the standard  rectangle.

It is  the perfect little addition to your little one’s bedding when transitioning from cot to a big bed , Nila loves that she has her own pillow in her big girls bunk bed.

She takes it downstairs with her in the mornings and snuggles up on the floor with her iPad and ‘relaxes’ as she likes to tell me :)

The pillows retail at £17.99 which is great value for a pillow for life ..

-Gifted Item

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