Tuesday 30 June 2020


Today is the day my little bug has been going on about for the past 2 weeks . Nila bug’s 3rd Birthday, where have the last 3 years gone .

I will definitely say the more children you have , the faster the years go by, for sure !. I still remember having her like it was yesterday. 

So she woke up this morning and came downstairs and was in awe of all the balloons , she loves balloons. I think she secretly loved them more than her presents :) .

 We spent the morning opening presents and playing with gabby gabby and all the toy story Gang.

She got gabby gabby and the potato heads for her birthday and has nearly completed her collection , we love toy story in this house , do you?.

She went down for an early nap and then it was operation birthday party prep. She wanted a birthday party and pass the parcel game , so I set about prepping all the food and sorting out the games before finishing off the cake.

I made her a cake this  year , and although I bake and cook our meals from scratch I had never bothered making a birthday cake for the girls , but we couldn’t seem to find any in the supermarkets so I had no choice!

It actually came out really good and Nila said it was the best cake ever, it also tasted absolutely incredible , yes I am blowing my own trumpet :)

Nap time over and time to party . We got Alexa to play party songs and we danced away in the  kitchen like most home parties , I use to love doing that as a kid. She was strutting her stuff to the songs and kept saying she loved her party so much, honestly, it melted my heart.

All three of the girls would of had their birthdays in lockdown by the end of next month and I’ve made sure and tried my best to make them as amazing as I possibly could.

We did birthday cake before party games as Nila couldn’t wait ! Pass the parcel went down a treat and they all won some little gifts .

It’s been such a lovely day. We’ve ended it with a sleepover and all the girls are snoring their heads off .

Success! Xx

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