Thursday 2 July 2020


This week we made the decision to send Alessia back to school for the last month of year 6. I have been so indecisive with the decision and weighing out all the pros and cons , and it was the best decision we have made.

She has been missing her friends , like most of the kiddies have been during lockdown and it has really affected her mental health.

We have been homeschooling from the get go and have made the best out of an awful situation and we have all been plodding along and getting through it all together.

2 weeks ago the school ordered the year 6 leaver jumpers and it really upset her that she wasn’t going to be ending year 6 with her friends.

We are actually moving home soon so she won’t be going to the same secondary school as her friends , which I think makes it even harder for her .

So I read through all the procedures the school have been doing in order to keep the school safe and what their actions have been and said we would give this week a try.

So Monday and Tuesday is bubble A , then Wednesday is a deep clean of the school ready for bubble B on Thursday and Friday, then a deep clean Friday ready for the following Monday, which sounds brilliant and knowing she was only going to be going for 2 days helped my decision, I do love all the girls being at home :)

So Sunday night we got the uniform ready ,and she was so excited . We walked to school Monday and I explained to her that the signs meant 2 metre distance when queuing up and she really did take it in her stride .

She came out of school Monday so happy and couldn’t wait for Tuesday. She got 15 dojo points on Monday for hard working and Tuesday she got star of the lesson , she got stuck right in like she hasnt been away.

It’s been lovely to see her smile and talk about her friends , she’s in the same bubble as her best friends , there are 6 in a bubble , and she is so happy to be back.

I’m really glad I made the decision for her to go back and she knows that the germs are still around so washing hands are still important . Roll on next week she says :)

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