Sunday 9 August 2020


We’ve just come back from a weeks holiday in Hemsby, Norfolk and we are definitely missing it already. We love the beach and the sea , it’s one of our favourite places to go.

Rockpool the game is based on the beach and we really have enjoyed reviewing this one .

It’s a game that encourages you to think about the ocean and littering, and it does this through game play : picking up the rubbish from the beach before the tide comes in.

I really loved the concept of this game as we try and do our bit for the planet and have spent hours at the beach cleaning up after people and making sure the beach is as clean as it can be ,  so  we really couldn’t wait to get stuck in and play it .

Inside the box you get the team cards , the shell cards , the creature cards and the wave cards , the rockpool game board and the instructions- although I am rubbish at reading instructions, I have to say these ones were perfect! :)

To start, each player picks their team of 6 cards which concludes 5 children and a dog. The rockpool is set up in the middle with all the other cards placed around it .

You then take it in turns to pick a card and go rock pooling with all your friends and the dog :) . Along the way you collect shells and clean up all the rubbish before the tide comes in.

Be sure not to pick the wave card as this will wash away all that you have collected in the rockpool!

The winner of the game is the one with the most friends paddling in the pool . Alessia was really good at this game and won 3 times in a row!.

It’s a lovely easy game for the children and one that doesn’t last to long for the kids to end up getting bored , an easy 20 minute game before bed or dinner with no fuss :)

Rockpool retails at £13.00 and is aimed at ages 6 plus and can be played with 2-6 players .

-Gifted Item

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