Wednesday 28 October 2020


 Half term has just started and we are actually in Hemsby in Norfolk for the week!

We always pack a bag of games to take on holiday with us and we’ve been testing out a new game and absolutely love it so it has made it in the bag for our holiday  week :)

Pensilly is a guess and draw game full of lots of silly stuff! It’s really straight forward and a great family game.

Inside the box you get :

  • The pensilly pen
  • Sand Timer
  • 75 description word cards
  • 75 subject word cards
  • 2 drawing pads
  • 2 pens

The game starts by putting the batteries in Pensilly, he takes 3 AAA, which isn’t provided. Stick a pen in and switch on one of the two modes.

You can play in pairs or as a team, it is entirely upto you. One team picks a subject card and a draw card and they have to try and draw the two cards on the pad.

There are over 5,500 drawing combinations and some of them are so funny and almost impossible to draw - Alessia did so well with guessing some of the really silly ones.

Be sure to have a steady hand as Pensilly doesn’t stay still , he is all over the place vibrating and trying to put you off as much as possible.

We really loved testing out Pensilly and the girls really enjoyed this one . Definitely a game you could play for 5 minutes before dinner or for a few hours as the fun is endless.

Pensilly retails at £17.99.

-Gifted item in exchange for a review 


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