Friday 30 October 2020



School trips are a great way to move education beyond the classroom walls and show children that learning can happen anywhere. Not only are they fun for young people, they also help them to develop a range of academic and personal skills. 

So, although some parents have concerns where school trips are concerned, in terms of both their value and how safe they are, the pros outweigh the cons.


Educational trips can begin as early as nursery, with nature walks in a nearby location. Then as children get a little older, their school trips can take them all around the world, allowing them to develop their foreign language skills and cultural awareness.


Children work hard throughout their academic journey and they deserve a break from time to time. 

School trips allow them to get out of the classroom and explore the real world in an enjoyable, yet educational manner. 

The experience helps bring their lessons to life, which is actually great for helping children to retain information. As a result, when exam period rolls around, they are more likely to remember that particular topic.


School trips are also great for helping children with certain personal skills, like how to handle social interactions with their peers and teachers outside of a classroom environment. 

These skills then lead to a boost in confidence, which can have a knock-on effect on all aspects of a child’s life. Parents and teachers can use the prospect of a school trip as a way to motivate children to behave well and work hard throughout the rest of the year.


If you’re worried about the payment aspect of your child’s upcoming school trips, speak to the school. There are often payment structures in place that help parents spread the cost out rather than paying one lump sum. 

What’s more, if you know what school trips are upcoming over the next year or so, you can start to put some money aside and safe up.

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