Sunday 1 November 2020


  When it comes to being organised, I will hold my hands up and say that sometimes the daily chores mount up.

Being a mother of three, and self-employed, working from home is tough -throw running a household into the mix and I can tell you, it’s definitely a handful.

With running a home, cleaning, cooking, seeing to the laundry, and ironing, I definitely feel washed out some days. By the end of the night, I cannot wait for bedtime, which makes me feel awful sometimes- I know you can relate.

To-do lists and schedules do help, but sometimes everyone needs a little helping hand to take some of the pressure off and spare some time for more important things, like deadlines and invoices.

We are a family of five and the washing pile never seems to be empty. I swear I haven’t seen the bottom of our laundry basket for months. It is a never-ending bottomless pit. This is where Laundryheap comes in- think Uber for laundry. A service that will pick your laundry up and drop it off within 24 hours, including the ironing. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Laundryheap is an on-demand laundry service offering an array of services including washing, dry cleaning, and ironing. They are based in London but they provide their services internationally. Simply type your postcode into their website to find out if they operate in your area.


The website is very easy to use. Type your postcode in and the time you want your items to be collected. Next, select whether it’s being picked up from your home, hotel, or office.

You then select whether you want it picked up from you or you can leave it on the doorstep, which is brilliant with what is going on in the world with COVID right now.

Next, select which services you need. They even do alterations and repairs, which we seem to have a lot of with small children and school uniforms.

Finally, pay for your goods and wait for them to be picked up. Then go and tick off the laundry from your to-do list.

A once a week break from the laundry is definitely on the cards for us, and it gives me some extra time to get other things done, like planning for Christmas!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried a laundry service before and what your least favourite chore is.

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