Monday 2 November 2020


 If you are lucky enough to have a whole room in your house to keep your crafts in one place you need to have it fully stocked for all of those crafting moments you’re going to get to indulge in. Right now, we are in the middle of a pandemic and you will be very likely to be crafting as much as possible! So, for that to be a good thing, you should think about adding specific things to your craft room today.

You don't want to over-clutter the space, but you do want it to be a space that works for everyone, and that means keeping it tidy. Let’s check out all the things that you have to add to your craft room to make it equipped

  1. 1.Drawers.
  2.  Every single craft room needs to have drawers so that you can organize everything. Small or large, you want these drawers to hold pencils, pens, highlighters, dry erase pens - you name it, you need to make room for it. Drawers can be bought and be wall to wall and you can use them to organize it all. The best bit? You can add labels to the outside of the drawers so you know where it all is!

  3. 2.Pencil Holders. 
  4. If you don't have the space for drawers, why not add a pencil holder? ,Empty cans from the house that have been washed out and dried thoroughly are a good thing to add to the craft room and filled with pencils and pens. You can paint the cans, too, to make them look funky. These cans are a great way to personalize your new crafting space.

  5. 3.Measure Furniture.
  6.  If you can fit a craft table in the space, do it. Measure the space to fit the furniture and you can add permanent measuring tape to the edge of the desk, too. This will help you to be able to measure your card and paper, string and more when you are busy crafting. Work your furniture around your outlets, too, so that when you go to use hot melt glue sticks with your glue gun, it’s all in close range and you can reach it all. You have to be smart about the way that you organ  the craft room so that it works for every project you get.

  7. 4.Crates. 
  8. Adding crates will mean that you have a home for all of the paperwork in the craft room. Think about coloured paper, plain paper, card and more, and consider different crate sizes for different paper sizes.

  9. 5.Paints. 
  10. Paint storage is a must when you have a craft room. You may have a range of acrylic, poster, watercolour and more paints that need to be organized and in different spaces. Paint is always going to be found in a craft space and if you organize it the right way, you’re going to avoid mixing it all up and creating mess.

  11. 6.Paint Brush Holders. Similarly to the pen cans, think about doing the same for your paint brushes. In this case, you can fix a shelf with an array of clean mason jars to the wall and add paint brushes, too. You can then use these jars when you paint, and keep the paint brushes organized at the same time.

  12. 7.Fabric Filing. 
  13. There is a huge range of fabric out there that crafters love, and you can utilize filing cabinets to organize all the fabric. Some people like to roll it up and stack it on shelves, but a filing cabinet allows you to separate the types of fabric you have and it’s the best thing to use for keeping it all clean. Keep a waste basket next to the fabric drawer so that you can keep the scraps to one side.

  14. 8.Cork Boards. 
  15. You need a box of pins and several cork boards on the walls to keep your project ideas organized. You can even add pegs with buckets on them to keep smaller craft things organized, like paper clips and safety pins! You can hang the scissors and things on here too and they’ll always be in easy reach, which is vital for a craft room.

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