Friday 6 November 2020



The miracle of Amtico vinyl flooring in the kitchen is the immediate protection again cooking, rushing and breakages.

Its time to face the plethora of challenges that the kitchen faces. With the lowest price Amtico flooring by your side, your home and your patience won’t wear down when accidents happen.


No More Maintenance Mania


Bringing into focus the main kitchen accidents, you would whittle it down to cooking and preparing food. Within these tasks lies the risk of spillage or breaking crockery or on your floor. Don’t forget that sauces and sharps of glass will always leave a mark which reminds you of when it happened.


Carpet and hardwood are prone to being left with signs of discoloration once accidents have been incurred over the yearsBut there is a solution to be found with installing LVT which contains properties which make it easy to clean with just a simple mop using a soap solution.


Amtico luxury vinyl flooring also has built-in cushioning properties which help to neutralise the impact of glass or plates hitting the floor.




Alongside easy cleaning, Amtico also brings scratch guard technology into your home which ensures all social occasions are not impacting your floor permanently. Amtico can withstand even the heaviest amounts of traffic so there is no need to panic when you see your room filling up with guests.


Even your four-legged family members will embrace your new flooring. No more mud stains on the carpet and a handy grip feel so they won’t slip and slide their way to the great outdoors. 


Chore Times Diminished 


Whenever the occasion arises for tiles or planks to require replacement, replacing the defected tile will be very simple as each tile and plank partitions by itself. A super quick and easy process, you’ll find your flooring looking complete once again, after you simply lift up the old tile and place a new one down


You can even save money on replacements by opting for self-installation which is relatively easy to achieve and can save you time and money. No need to get the yellow pages out and search for a reliable vinyl flooring fitter, just order in your replacement and keep a few hours free.


Limitless Options



Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring you have the capability to transform your home into a luxurious residence by simply clicking down the tiles and planks from the range, which perfectly replicate stone or marble authentic materials


Luxury vinyl flooring will have you questioning why you ever considered ay other brand.



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