Thursday 5 November 2020


 We are in full swing of getting Christmas in order . With everything that’s going on in the world I really want to be organised this Christmas and make it the best it can be :)

Gifts for friends and family will be a bit different this year so online shopping has been my holy grail and I actually enjoy it .

Sitting on the sofa with a hot brew and the laptop scrolling through for Christmas bits is something I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks once the girls have gone to bed .

I’ve got all my lists of what everyone wants , including the family that say , just surprise me , we know these are the ones we dread buying for and always leave them until the last minute.

Then we have the ones that want something a bit different , my dad :)

My parents have just renovated their garden which is absolutely huge , 240 feet long with a caravan plot for when we come over to stay and an allotment which is my dads pride and joy.

Anyone else love home grown fruit and veg? I love my dads tomatoes, you really can’t beat them.

So what do you get someone for Christmas who is garden mad and spends most of his days out there , a hammock . I can literally picture my dad opening a hammock for Christmas and being over the moon!

I reckon he would set it up Christmas Day and sit outside with a hot cup of chocolate and his favourite gardening magazine .

There are actually quite a few different kinds of hammocks you can purchase , whether you want one with a stand or you are going to be attaching it to a wall.

I quite like the stand one , it looks a lot easier to assemble too.

You can also get a family one which is pretty cool / especially if Grandad wants to share :) the girls would love to hang out in Grandad’s hammock in the garden with ice cream in the summer times .

They range in prices so whatever your budget might be , there is definitely something for everyone .

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet ? I’d love to know what you’ve picked up already :)


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