Wednesday 9 December 2020


 Many people believe that the Northeast or the West Coast are the premier tourist destinations in the United States. However, the South can give both of those regions a run for their money.

 The Southern portion of the United States has the amazing warm weather that the West Coast enjoys while having just as many attractions as the Northeast has. So if you plan on visiting the South, what cities should you tour first? Here are the best tourist destinations in the South. 

New Orleans

One of the most underrated destinations in the Southern portion of the United States is New Orleans. The Big Easy isn’t often thought of as a common tourist destination, but it certainly has a lot to offer. First, New Orleans has some amazing food, which by itself is enough of a reason to visit the area. While in the Big Easy, you’ll have the opportunity to try amazing local dishes like gumbo and jambalaya, dishes that you likely won’t be able to try in other regions. Additionally, New Orleans throws one of the biggest parties in the United States, as their yearly Mardi Gras celebration is unmatched. Even when Mardi Gras isn’t going on, you’ll still have plenty of fun partying on Bourbon Street. If you want a fantastic southern location to visit, you definitely need to check out the Big Easy.


Miami is the quintessential spring break destination and it’s not hard to see why. First, the city has gorgeous weather in the summer, yet relatively mild in the winter and spring. In addition, Miami has plenty of gorgeous beaches that have great amenities, something that you’ll surely love visiting. Lastly, Miami is known for its extremely vibrant nightlife scene. While in the city, you can visit some of the best bars and nightclubs in the country, as Miami residents really know how to party. If you want to visit a truly wild destination, you should definitely party it up in Miami. 


Out of all the cities on this list, Knoxville is probably the most obscure destination. However, that doesn’t mean the city has nothing to offer tourists. As anyone who owns estate here can tell you, the city can be quite fun. World’s Fair Park is probably the city’s most famous attraction, as it contains the Sunsphere, an observational tower that lets you see the entire Knoxville skyline. If you want an extremely mellow way to spend your day, take a stroll through Market Square and shop at the local stores and restaurants. Finally, you can end your day off with something educational like a tour of the Knoxville Museum of Art or the Knoxville Zoo. Knoxville has a lot to offer tourists, so you definitely should give the city a chance. 


Atlanta has been one of the fastest growing areas in recent years, as the city has absolutely exploded in population. The city has been adding lots of jobs through a strong economy, and many are moving to the area to take advantage. However, to accommodate the influx of people, Atlanta’s amenities and entertainment options have also improved. Things like high-quality bars and restaurants have begun opening up, really boosting the local food scene. In addition, the city is still home to some amazing museums such as the World of Coca-Cola. If museums aren’t your thing, then you can always try some of the area's other attractions, such as the local North Georgia wine tours. Regardless of how you choose to spend your visit, Atlanta is a city on the upswing, and you’ll surely find something you love in the area.

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