Thursday 10 December 2020


Belly fat is a problem that countless people have to deal with.  We love our bodies, but seeing some extra weight is bound to upset most people.  Instead of getting upset, or just accepting your fate, here are some of the top ways you can fight back against belly fat.  Of course, all of these options work best with dietary and exercise changes, but they help make improvements on their own!

Avoid Things That Bloat Under The Fat

Sometimes what we think is belly fat is just extreme bloating.  Some foods can force our stomachs and intestines to bloat with air or uncomfortable swelling, making us seem more massive than we are.

The top foods to look out for are beans,wheat, and broccoli.  Although you absolutely shouldn't cut all of these out of your diet, you should consider how much you're taking in and when.  If you moved to sparkling water from soda to cut out sugar, the bloating might still be making you look like you're consuming those sweets.  Consider moving to unsweet tea or noncarbonated flavored water.

Cut Out Most Sugar and Replace With Fiber

Although low-fat diets used to be all the rage, we misguided what we need to focus on when trying to lose weight.  Sugar is a leading cause of belly fat and heart disease and should be mostly pushed from your diet.  Instead of having a sugary donut for breakfast, reach out for a high-grain muffin that will satisfy your hunger and help reduce swelling and fat in your stomach.  Although it may feel like a rough trade-off, you can make this work for yourself if you think it through and plan.

Some sugars are still refined, like those found in fruits and vegetables.Avoid white sugar since it sneaks into most foods when it’s not necessarily needed.

Cardio Is The Way To Go

Walking, jogging, and doing yoga are all cliches when it comes to weight loss- but that’s for a good reason! Cardio will help tone your body.  Spend thirty to sixty minutes a day walking, jogging, or dancing to help cut down on your weight.  These actions may feel monotonous if done too often, so trade-off which one you do, and use exciting and fun music to keep yourself engaged.The important thing is to ensure you don't get burned out or bored of it since these two are the most common culprits that kill any workout regime.

Yoga, although not always considered cardio, can also help.  When doing yoga, engage your core and imagine you're drawing your belly button in towards your spine.  This action will help fight the belly fat directly and can firm up your skin and muscles.

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