Friday 11 December 2020



Old websites are often a cause of embarrassment.


For those who like to network at events and talk about their business, there is something that usually gets said upon passing over a business card and them asking if your website is on it… “Yes but don’t look at that, it’s in need of major work to update it.”


That’s great for web developers in the room but a detriment to your business. You may as well hold up a flag stating that you are behind the times and your service may be the same.


Getting Over the Hump


If you already know your website could be better you are already on the right path to getting something done about it.


Too many times business owners believe that the key to success is based on the salesman doing the talking but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Accepting that work needs doing is one step, actually putting it into action is the next. You may have been a dab hand in the 2000s and created a website free online, but now it's time to rely on an expert digital agency to really make your business fly forward.


Responsive Web Design


First thing you need to realise is that you are going to need to spend a little to gain a lot.


The cheap as chips option may have paid off in your early days but it was always a placeholder and if you are diverting people away from your website then you are costing yourself even more in losses. Google is now aiming to make responsive websites a priority on its search engines so if you are not up to scratch you won’t be up in searches anytime soon.


Plus, people require responsive web design due to their choices in technology these days from mobile phones to tablets to Google lenses, so you need to be sure that your new website covers every option available and adapts to their tech.




Your website content needs to seriously be updated on a regular basis and kept in line with everything from latest products and services all the way to how business is affected with situations like Covid and lockdown.


You need to review not only if your content is up to date but also how it communicates to potential clients. If it is too wordy it may put people off whilst the same could be said if there are grammatical errors or inconsistencies in font size and colours. Digital agencies also have in house copywriters who can punch up your dialogue or write from scratch to be able to communicate better and keep those interests high in getting that conversion.


Stockport website professionals are among the highest rated development firms throughout the UK and should be called upon to help transform your webpage into a website for all in operation and communication

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