Sunday 24 January 2021


 We’ve had another weekend of snow!. I can’t actually believe how cold it has been this month and how much snow we have been having .

Snowed in and obviously no where to go :)

We took a walk to the co op to pick up some essentials and also picked the girls up a magazine to do over the weekend . 

I can’t remember the last time they got magazines , and they were so excited with them, you can’t beat free gifts can you?. Lessie got some free lip glosses , pens and hair scrunchies, and Nila had a CBeebies crafting one .

We made the dragon and the turtle from it Saturday afternoon, my god it was a challenge - Nila gave up half way but I was determined to finish it , it looked pretty good to be fair.

I spent this morning getting the house cleaned so that wasn’t on my mind for next week , schooling and working from home in a nice freshly cleaned house , I am so looking forward to.

Hoovered and polished , clothes put away, the works. We then headed out for a walk, I’m really trying to get out everyday or move our bodies every day . We tried to set up the Wii but the controllers have corrosion so I’ve ordered some from eBay ,which will be here by Thursday - can’t wait for a just dance off! 

Bubble baths and a sausage roast and snuggles in bed . We made a den to snuggle in tonight and Nila fell asleep straight away, she was absolutely shattered!.

I’ve just got into bed with a brew and going to meal plan for the week and catch up on some work before the week starts - i think I’ll do Doner kebab in the slow cooker tomorrow, if you haven’t tried it ,’it is so good!.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend .


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, we had our first snowfall for a very long time on Sunday which made a lovely change to the rain

  2. This sounds like a great weekend. We had snow at the weekend and it was just the best day. I think we all needed it. simple fun and exhausted children, perfect!

  3. Okay,I am completely have more snow then I have and we get a LOT of snow. But with global warming,those days are rapidly ending. And I wish my had the drive to make sure I had a clean house to work in every week.

  4. What an amazing way to spend a weekend, I spent mine indoors watching the snow outside.