Thursday 14 January 2021


 I love nothing more than a good sale , and I love the January sales , I always find them to be much better than the Boxing Day ones in terms of clothing .

Kadiann had her eye on some pieces and she grabbed some absolute bargains this year.

Marble and tie dye have definitely become a hit this past year haven’t they, especially in the summer , everyone was trying to marble their t-shirts and shorts.

These marble joggers are gorgeous! . They are fleeced lined and so cosy, especially with all the snow we have had over the last few weeks. 

They are cuffed too which is an added bonus and they are true to size too!.

joggers are a favourite with my girls , they all love loungewear and comfies and these light pink ones are super cute , so soft and they go with pretty much anything . 

You really can’t beat having a cute pair of joggers in your collection , and I’ve not come across any light pink ones anywhere else!.

High waisted joggers are new to us and we only recently discovered them but absolutely love them . These ones are oversized too so have a lot of room and aren’t restrictive at all.

The waistband is really stretchy and so flattering , they are a must have for this year for sure. These ones are stone , but you can get them in pretty much any colour.

I know none of us got to have a New Years party this year and Kadiann and her friends are holding out for a party once this is all over - fingers and toes crossed!.

She picked up this gorgeous nude bodycon dress. It’s a beautiful material and fits like a glove , definitely a hugging figure kind of dress and she absolutely loves it .

Let me know what bargains you picked up in the January sales this year ..


  1. Some lovely loungewear pieces there, that's all I seem to be buying this year as I'm just at home feeling snuggly all the time x

  2. I usually go a bit wild in the January sales but I haven't bought many clothes lately as I'm not going out much. I could really do with a comfy pair of joggers to wear around the house though!

  3. I do love the January sales, I managed to get myself 5 jumpers and two linen dresses for the summer at great prices

  4. Looks like there were some fab items in the sale! Your girl looks wonderful in all of her outfits -I especially love the marble joggers!

  5. I have been living in joggers and lounge wear since last year Feb so I am definitely loving those joggers, they are cute.