Monday 18 January 2021


 Another Monday and honestly , I don’t know about you ,but I really can’t start my Monday without a coffee - coffee was definitely made for Mondays wasn’t it! :)

With working from home and now homeschooling the girls , the days are exhausting and coffee is always needed.

I was kindly sent out some of Lola’s coffee bags to try out and I’ve got to say, I was really intrigued as I had never heard of them before or of coffee bags!.

If you are thinking the same as I was then I’ll help you out :)

coffee bags are essentially coffee in a bag , like a tea bag, bizarre I know , but these are so convenient and taste absolutely delicious!.

I actually always carry tea bags and extra sugars in my bag , I’m sure I’m not the only one!, so having these to pop in my emergency little stash is perfect!

So easy to use , nothing fancy. Simply add boiling water to your cup of choice , if you have followed me for a while , you will know I have a little bit of an obsession with cups and mugs, so this part can take me a while :)

Add in your coffee bag and wait a few minutes to steep and that’s it!. You can add in your milk and sugar at this point , I like coffee both black and with milk and both ways these coffees tastes really good. 

Lola’s coffee is a blend of  Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabic and Indian Robusta coffee beans which result in a rich dark blend with notes of smoke and black pepper and a high caffeine content - yes please! Definitely hits when you are in need of that coffee fix.

I really love the concept of these bags and will definitely be putting an order in . 

A bag of six costs £5 which is exceptionally cheaper than a coffee shop and if you pick up a bigger size pack then it can work out as cheap as 33p per coffee, bargain.

 Let me know if you’ve tried them before or if you are thinking of testing them out :)


  1. What an interesting concept! I don't drink coffee myself but most of my family do so I will let them know about these.

  2. I love my coffee, I can not start the day without it, I love the idea of this and may have to purchase some to try

  3. I've never even heard of coffee bags, but I don't drink coffee myself so that might be why. My parents are both massive coffee drinkers so I'll mention these to them as sometimes it's more practical than ground coffee x

  4. I wish I loved coffee, I am more of a tea person and I can not function without a cuppa.