Wednesday 6 January 2021


New year has finally hit and I have done the big declutter and got rid of all the old stuff that we no longer need , and I am ready to for a fresh new year.

Living in a private rented home , redecorating all the time , can be a pain as we have to constantly go back and fourth with the agency for confirmation of which ever it is we wish to do.

So revamping and giving the bedrooms a new lease of life can sometimes be difficult, so we decided to go for plain white walls in the bedrooms and to decorate and change up the decor and themes with accessories, candles making a gallery wall .

I have always been a lover of wall art , even as a teenager , I loved my sun and moon wall art in my bedroom , and still have some of it even now , even the tatty sun and moon rug is going strong  :)

Desenio is a site I quite often use . It’s really simple and easy to follow and they have some amazing pieces on there .

If you have been a follower for a while then you will know I am a real feminist and love anything to do with quotes , the moon , anything spiritual - Desenio have such a beautiful variety of prints that I absolutely love.

Start by searching for what you want or just have a nosey and scroll :) I love doing this and can spend absolutely ages scrolling and seeing what tickles my fancy.

Add whichever print you’ve decided with into your basket, you can then add a frame if you need one at this point. You can chose different styles or colours too , there is a few to choose from.

Check out and you are done ,simple as that and the prints are gorgeous quality too. 

Let me know if you have a gallery wall with prints on and which designs are your favourite.


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