Wednesday 17 March 2021


When it comes to jewellery, i have quite a big collection, I love adding pieces to it and one thing I absolutely love is diamonds , they are timeless aren’t they and are my favourite and have been for many years .

I’m not talking the biggest and the  fanciest diamonds , and by no means the most expensive ones you can buy, you can still enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank I always say  . 

Simple and elegant is as beautiful as the bigger diamonds and there are so many different pieces you can choose from.

Diamond jewellery is so wide ranged and the cuts  and designs of a diamond are endless , from day wear to formal wear and special occasions , they are definitely trending more and more every year and I wanted to share with you some of the pieces that I have collected and absolutely love.


Diamond earrings have got to be my favourite piece of jewellery. They are a beautiful subtle piece and look so elegant on . They are the perfect pair of earrings to wear on a dinner date or out with friends for a girls birthday dinner .

I do prefer the daunting studs rather than the bigger ones , but I do have small ear lobes so think they look quite cute.


Hoops are not everyone’s cup of tea are they? . I use to wear hoops religiously rather than for a special occasion, but I had never really came across diamond hoops before until a few years ago , they are absolutely stunning and definitely becoming more popular this year.

I think with long hair , up in a loose bun ,paired with some diamond hoops would look flawless .


Diamond rings have been so popular for so many years . While a diamond ring may be a safe bet to choose and almost the ‘go to’ when it comes to picking out a ring , it doesn’t shy away from the fact that there are so many different forms and shapes to a diamond ring .

They are really popular when it comes to picking out engagement rings , the solitaire diamond rings are absolutely stunning engagement rings , being able to choose the different diamond cuts and the colours . 


Something that makes the perfect gift for any occasions is a diamond pendant. Wedding anniversary or a sweet 16th, I definitely think a pendant is a memorable gift , and depending on what type of design you are looking for , there is something for everyone .

My favourite diamond design in the halo. I have it both in earrings and ring .My favourite is my ring because I think it looks so elegant and it’s becoming quite a popular choice now.

Halo is actually named after the ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds surrounding a central, larger diamond, the halo diamond has an extra dimension to it that further adds to their charm and what makes it sparkle :)

I’d love to know if diamonds are your best friend and what pieces of diamond jewellery are your favourite ...


  1. I agree, diamonds are such a timeless classic. I recently lost one of my favourite diamond studs and I could cry thinking about it.

    My engagement ring is a single diamond and I love it so much x x

  2. I do love diamonds. But I like them small and pretty rather then a massive great big stone.

  3. I've never had anything with diamonds in it before, but if I did, I think I would love to have diamond hoops! I love wearing hoops.

  4. Diamonds are so classic and can be both a statement piece or something you wear everyday. I wear my engagement ring every day but my necklace I only wear for special occassions x

  5. I really love diamonds in jewellery. I've my sights set on a diamond pendant at the moment.

  6. I agree that diamonds are so pretty and be worn all year round or for pretty much any occasion! I treated myself to some diamond stud earrings quite some time ago now and they are still my go to ones for any occasion! x

  7. Who doesn't love a diamond at times? They are something you care wear and enjoy for many years to come.

  8. I have never seen the appeal of diamonds. My engagement ring was a fake diamond, and I haven't worn it for years. Not really a jewellery lover. I like looking at them though! lol!