Friday 19 March 2021


Spring is definitely in the air now and the sun is coming out a lot more during the day and it’s definitely making me happy !.

but it’s also still got that crisp cold feeling in the air and if I’m being honest , I am still living for all the cosy warm loungewear , I don’t think I’m quite ready to hang them up just yet.

Soft , comfy clothes to work from home in is what I am all about, I’m really not a dress up to just sit at my desk at home to work kind of girl . 

Working from home definitely has its advantages, coffee whenever I want , unlimited snack breaks and loungewear all day , my idea of heaven :)

I’ve picked up some new bits over the past few weeks , you all know I love clothes shopping , I thought I’d share the bits I got with you as I know you all love a good clothes haul :)

As you all probably know , if you follow me on social media ,I have been living in loungewear for months now and absolutely love the co-ord sets , I have a few in different colours and they are quite popular currently. 

This pink boxy cropped hoodie set is my absolute favourite . Definitely the perfect colour for spring and it’s not overly thick so could wear it throughout spring too :)

I was quite surprised at how much I loved the pink as I’m not really a pink fan but this is more of a pastel shade and i love it .

I love the fitted shape of the bottoms too as prefer cuffed bottoms to your typical jogging bottoms as they flatter the figure and curves too.

This set comes in a few colours actually, I’ve got this particular one in pink, grey and black.

This tracksuit had my name written all over it , it is definitely a bit of me . Reminds me so much of the 90s shell suits and I am all for it!.

I’ve been loving this for them lazy days , and I love how everything is coming back into fashion again, makes me so happy, takes me back to my teenage years!.

If the 90s were your teen years then you definitely know what I am talking about , I think we all owned a shellsuit, I sent a picture of this to my friend and she ordered one straight away :)

I picked up a similar set to this loungewear set a while ago and it’s one of my favourite two piece sets , and i wear it all the time as it is so soft and comfy to wear so I thought I’d see if this was the same kind of set.

It’s the exact same just has the ribbed effect and is slightly oversized in the top which makes it even more comfy to wear .The material is so soft!.

I love having a pamper morning on a Friday once the kids go to school , I run a hot bath with a cup of coffee , pick out one of my lush bath bombs and have a soak .

It treat it like a morning off of work , it definitely helps me feel recuperated from a busy week. I’ll watch some Netflix for half hour then get out and throw this on before I set up work for the day.

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Last set is this gorgeous white knit cable set. I was a little unsure of this one when I ordered it as these types of sets tend to drown you if you are short.

I’m only 5ft4 and thought I’d feel suffocated in it and have that awful frumpy feeling , but oh my ! You need one of these in your life . It’s the softest material and the perfect loungewear for a day of work . 

It covers my toes but sits perfectly and doesn’t drown me at all. I love this set and would definitely get it in every single colour if I could :) 

Let me know if you are a dress up for work or a casual kind of person  ..


  1. I am with you on always wearing lounge wear and you picked up some really cute pieces. I have the grey one and love it.

  2. I do love loungewear, especially on days when I am just chilling at home which I know we have all been doing lately. I love the pieces you have chosen

  3. I love all of these outfits. I've been considering treating myself to a tracksuit; they're so comfy to wear around the house.

  4. The tracksuit with the pink, white and dark stripes are beautiful, I love the combination of the colours. Loungewear is all I'm buying at the moment so some lovely pieces x

  5. Loving all your loungewear looks here, such a casual and comfy day wear. The tracksuit outfit is my favourite one so far

  6. Oooh I like the tracksuit, with the stripes. Yes very 90's vibes and as someone who was around for that scene I am digging it! lol!